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Manila-Malabon Line
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October 20, 1888


Double (formerly single)


Compañia de los Tranvias de Filipinas (1888-1904)

Manila Electric Railroad & Light Company (1904-1945)


Electric, (formerly steam)

The Malabon Line is a defunct tramline of the Manila Electric Railroad and Light Company.  With Tondo as its starting point, it is commonly referred to as the Tondo-Malabon line or Manila-Malabon Line.


Leon Monsouur, an official of the Department of Public Works submitted the proposal "Proyecto Tranvia a Vapor Manila a Malabon" (Manila to Malabon Steam Tram Project) to Madrid for a five-line streetcar network in Manila, the line started construction in 1888 and opened on October 20, 1888 and was originally operated by the Compañia de los Tranvias de Filipinas were Jacobo Zobel de Zangroniz was its entrepreneur, during the Philippine-American war, it was captured by the Americans and renamed it "Kansas & Utah Short Line".

Since 1905, all tramlines were electrified and operated by the Manila Electric Railroad & Light Company, two of the steam trams were sold to the Insular Lumber Company in Negros.

The Malabon line dubbed as "Kansas & Utah" line


  • The original proposal of Leon Mossour does not contain a line to Malabon. The Malabon Line replaced the Malacañang Line.
  • Out of the five lines operated by the Compañia de los Tranvias de Filipinas, the Malabon Line was the only one to use steam since it is longer than the other lines and caters more passengers.
  • The whole line from Tondo to Malabon is seven kilometers with 3 sections.
  • The Malabon line is the only steam-operated tramline in Manila until all lines were electrified when the Meralco acquired its owner, it is the only line having a double decker car for first class passengers, although it was discontinued after its electrification.  The second one was the Camiling Tramline.
  • In terms of opening, the Manila-Malabon Line is the first railway line in the philippines as oppose to some saying that the Manila-Dagupan Line was the first one which only started operations on March 24, 1891.
    • It is also the first light rail system (a tramline with higher capacity rolling stock) and the ancestor of today's Light Rail Transit.
  • Services from Tondo starts at 5:30 am and ends at 7:30 pm., services from Malabon from 6:00 am until 8:00 pm, if passenger demand increases, additional trains every half hour are added.
Ex Malabon Trams at ilco negros.png
  • The line parallels the Manila-Dagupan Line from Tondo to Caloocan.
  • The Malabon station, also known as Dulo, was formerly located infront of the San Bartolome Church.


  • Malabon
  • Maypajo
  • Pritil (junction with another branch line)
  • Tondo (exact location unknown)

    Electrified section of the Malabon line in Maypajo.

It is unknown if any transfer station existed for the Manila-Dagupan Line in Caloocan.


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