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The Manila-Legazpi Line, also known as the Main Line South was a railroad line connecting the City of Manila with Legazpi City, Albay on the Bicol Region. It was originally known as the Main Line South (MLS) until it was merged with the Legazpi Division Line in 1938.


The last tracks enabling through trains over the Aloneros-Ragap Gap were installed on November 17, 1937. The first freight train from Manila to Legazpi ran on January 11, 1938, a trial run for passenger services was held on January 25.

The first passenger service to Legazpi led by a "Bicol Express" train commenced on January 31, 1938.


Station Name Distance Code Location Opening Date
Manila 0.0 MA / TU Tondo, Manila March 24, 1891
Tayuman Tondo, Manila 1992
Blumentritt 2.73 BLU Santa Cruz, Manila December 22, 1905
Laon-Laan LLN Sampaloc, Manila January 25, 1908
Dapitan 3.9 Sampaloc, Manila


Sampaloc, Manila
Sampaloc (Legarda) Sampaloc, Manila 1927
Santa Mesa 6.49 SA Santa Mesa, Manila December 22, 1905
Pandacan PD Pandacan, Manila March 25, 1908
Paco PC Paco, Manila March 25, 1908
San Andres SAN San Andres, Manila March 24, 2010
Vito Cruz VTC San Andres, Manila November 24, 1975
Buendia DIA Pio del Pilar, Makati November 24, 1975
Dela Rosa DLR Pio Del Pilar, Makati September 8, 2017
Pasay Road PRD Pio del Pilar, Makati June 21, 1908
EDSA EDSA Magallanes, Makati November 1, 1972
Nichols NIC Western Bicutan, Taguig 1946
Balagbag (Food Terminal Junction) BG/FTJ Balagbag, Pasay City June 21, 1908
FTI FTI Western Bicutan, Taguig January 18, 1977
Gelmart San Martin de Porres, Parañaque April 6, 1970
Bicutan BIC San Martin de Porres, Parañaque January 18, 1977
Bagumbayan Bagumbayan, Taguig 1927
Batisan Bagumbayan, Taguig
Sucat SU Sucat, Muntinlupa June 21, 1908
Kupang Cupang, Muntinlupa
Alabang 28 AA Alabang, Muntinlupa City June 21, 1908
Muntinlupa MP Muntinlupa City June 21, 1908
Tunasan Tunasan, Muntinlupa City
San Pedro SPL San Pedro City, Laguna August 1, 1908
Pacita Main Gate PMG Nueva, San Pedro * November 24, 1975
Golden City 1 GC1 Canlalay, Biñan * April 2, 1990
Biñan ÑA Biñan, Laguna September 2, 1908
Santa Rosa SRL Labas, Santa Rosa City, Laguna October 10, 1908
Cabuyao AO Cabuyao City, Laguna November 7, 1908
Mamatid TD Mamatid, Cabuyao City January 24, 1909
Banlic BLC Banlic, Calamba, Laguna
Calamba 56.16 LA Calamba City, Laguna January 24, 1909
Bucal Bucal, Calamba City January 24, 1909
Pansol OL Pansol, Calamba City August 15, 1910
Masili (Sumile) MSL Masili, Calamba City 1939
Los Baños LS Bambang, Los Baños, Laguna August 15, 1910
College COL Batong Malake, Los Baños August 20, 1923
IRRI IRRI Pili Drive, Maahas, Los Baños December 1, 2019
Mainit Putho-Tuntungin, Los Baños
Masaya YA Masaya, Bay, Laguna August 20, 1923
San Crispin PIN San Crispin, San Pablo August 20, 1923
San Pablo PBO City Proper, San Pablo, Laguna July 3, 1911
McCord RD San Miguel, San Pablo * 1939
Santa Ana Santa Ana, San Pablo July 1912
Tiaong TON Lalig, Tiaong, Quezon July 1912
Lusacan Lusacan, Tiaong July 1912
Taguan TU Taguan, Candelaria July 1912
Candelaria CD Candelaria, Quezon July 1912
Concepcion Concepcion Palasan, Candelaria
Lutucan LU Lutucan, Sariaya February 10, 1913
Sariaya (Bucal) Bucal, Sariaya, Quezon February 10, 1913
Morong Morong, Sariaya February 10, 1913
Lucena LC Lucena City, Quezon February 10, 1913
Mayao YO Mayao Parada, Lucena City 1939
Pagbilao PG Pagbilao, Quezon 1914
Palsabangon Ibabang Palsabangon, Pagbilao 1914
Binahaan Binahaan, Pagbilao December 15, 1928
Malicboy OY Silangan Malicboy, Pagbilao 1914
Guitong Silangan Malicboy, Pagbilao
Sipa IP Sipa, Padre Burgos 1914
Hinguiwin Hinguiwin, Padre Burgos
Padre Burgos BUR Padre Burgos, Quezon 1914
Marao Marao, Padre Burgos
Yawe SIQ San Isidro, Padre Burgos 1926
Cabuyao Sur AOS Cabuyao, Padre Burgos 1939
Kinagunan KGN Kinagunan, Agdangan
Agdangan 179.65 AGD Agdangan, Quezon May 10, 1916
Santol TOL Sildora, Agdangan, Quezon
Binagbag Binagbag, Agdangan
Bulo Bulo, Ilaya, Unisan
Panaon PAN Panaon, Unisan, Quezon May 10, 1916
Tubigan Tubigan, Unisan
Summit SUM San Rafael, Atimonan May 10, 1916
Duhat Duhat, Plaridel
Plaridel (Siain) PLA Plaridel, Quezon May 10, 1916
Villa Bota Villa Bota, Gumaca
Gumaca GM Gumaca, Quezon May 10, 1916

Hinlulubi (Panikihan)

Panikihan, Gumaca
Bamban Bamban, Gumaca May 10, 1916
Camohaguin Camohaguin, Gumaca May 10, 1916
Hagakhakin Hagaghakin, Gumaca May 10, 1916
San Vicente SV San Vicente, Gumaca May 10, 1916
Pansol T. Pansol, Lopez March 30, 1927
Lopez LZ Lopez, Quezon May 10, 1916
Hondagua 237.38 HA Hondagua, Lopez May 10, 1916
Calauag 243.51 Calauag, Quezon May 10, 1916
Sumulong Sumulong, Calauag * 1920
Danlagan Danlagan Reserva, Guinayangan August 16, 1921
Aloneros ALS Guinayangan, Quezon August 16, 1921
Manato-Port Junction Line Manato Manato Station, Tagkawayan January 31, 1931
Katimo TM Katimo, Tagkawayan January 31, 1938
Buyabod OD Buyabod, Tagkawayan January 31, 1938
Kinatakutan KN Kinatakutan, Tagkawayan January 31, 1938
Laurel LR Laurel, Tagkawayan January 31, 1938
Aliji JI Aliji, Tagkawayan January 31, 1938
Morato OR Morato, Tagkawayan January 31, 1938
Tagkawayan TK Tagkawayan, Quezon January 11, 1938
Pasay PS Pasay, Del Gallego January 31, 1938
Del Gallego DGO Del Gallego, Camarines Sur January 11, 1938
Sinuknipan SKP Sinuknipan, Del Gallego 1940
Manato-Port Junction Katabangan KAT / GRS Godofredo Reyes Sr., Ragay January 31, 1938
Manato-Port Junction Line Port Junction PJN Port Junction Norte, Ragay August 28, 1933
Pugod FSN Fort Simeon, Ragay August 28, 1933
Liboro ORO Liboro, Ragay August 28, 1933
Ragay RGY Apad, Ragay, Camarines Sur * August 28, 1933
Banga Caves BGC Banga Caves, Ragay August 28, 1933
Colacling RIO Del Rosario, Lupi August 28, 1933
Lupi Viejo LPV Lupi, Camarines Sur September 13, 1931
Lupi Nuevo LPN Tapi, Lupi September 13, 1931
Manangle MAL Manangle, Sipocot September 13, 1931
Sipocot COT Sipocot, Camarines Sur 1930
Awayan WY Awayan, Sipocot 1930
Mantalisay 352.23 SAY Mantalisay, Libmanan February 3, 1929
Camambugan COB Camambugan, Libmanan 1939
Libmanan LIB Libmanan, Camarines Sur February 3, 1929
Rongos ROS Rongos, Libmanan February 3, 1929
Malansad SAD Malansad Nuevo, Camarines Sur February 3, 1929
Mambulo MBL Mambulo Viejo, Libmanan February 3, 1929
Pamplona 369.800 PAM Pamplona, Camarines Sur October 18, 1921
Burabod BOD Burabod, Pamplona October 18, 1921
Sampaloc LOC Sampaloc, Gainza, Camarines Sur October 18, 1921
Naga 377 NG Tabuco, Naga City, Camarines Sur April 1, 1920
San Antonio NIO San Antonio, Milaor, Camarines Sur April 1, 1920
San Jose SJL San Jose, Pili April 1, 1920
Pili PLI Pili, Camarines Sur * April 1, 1920
Bula Bula, Camarines Sur
Agdangan ADN Agdangan, Baao
Baao BAO Baao, Camarines Sur 1915
Iriga IR Iriga City, Camarines Sur 1914
Lourdes Old LDS Lourdes Old, Nabua, Camarines Sur 1914
Bato TO Bato, Camarines Sur
Matacon MAT Matacon, Polangui
Polangui PLG Polangui, Albay
Oas OAS Oas, Albay
Ligao LIG Ligao City, Albay
Masarawag Masarawag, Guinobatan 1914
Travesia 455.00 TRA Travesia, Guinobatan, Albay February 10, 1986
Guinobatan GB Guinobatan Albay 1914
Camalig CMG Camalig, Albay 1914
Comun COM Comun, Daraga 1986
Daraga DA Daraga, Albay 1914
Washington Drive WD Washington Drive, Legazpi City 1914
Legazpi LG Legazpi City, Albay 1914

  • Station dates mark with (*) are subject to change.
    • Pacita Main Gate was probably opened on November 24, 1975 together with Buendia and Vito Cruz, those stations have the same brick station buildings.
    • Some of the locations of the Flag stations erected from 1938 to 1941 were not listed from the book "The Report of the General Manager, Manila Railroad Company".
  • Washington Drive (formerly Albay) was built to serve the Albay Provincial Capitol. It dates back with the opening of the Tabaco-Iriga Line in 1914.
  • When the section to Aloneros was opened on August 16, 1921, the whole project was completed the following year.
  • Before the completion of the project in 1938, several sections were named:
    • Manila Belt Line (Santa Mesa-Paco), Los Baños-San Pablo Line (College-San Pablo), Lucena-Pagbilao Line (San Pablo-Pagbilao), Manato-Port Junction Line / Aloneros-Ragay Gap Extension, Legazpi Division Line (Port Ragay-Legazpi-Tabaco)
  • Some local trains stop at the following locations despite there are not designated as stations and no platforms erected.
    • Cabuguang, Mangayao, Bitano