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The Main Line North, commonly known as Northrail is a defunct railroad line of the Philippine National Railways. It was also called in such names like the Manila-Dagupan Line, Manila-San Fernando Line and Manila-La Union Line.


Originally part of the Manila-Dagupan Railroad, the proposal for a railroad line across Luzon was submitted by Don Eduardo Lopez Navarro on June 26, 1875 as a royal decree of King Alfonso XIII of Spain, the concession was awarded on January 1, 1887, the cornerstone for the Tutuban station was laid on July 31, commencing the construction of the line.

The first segment was opened on March 24, 1891 from Manila to Bagbag, February 2, 1892 to Mabalacat, June 1 to Tarlac and November 24 to Dagupan, the Rio Grande de Pampanga Bridge was opened on May 1, 1894, completing the whole project.

The line was completed to San Fernando, La Union on May 16, 1929. A preliminary survey for a extension towards Vigan was conducted in the late 30s, planned was shelved and abandoned because of the Main Line's damages during the war.

Rolling Stock

The Manila-Dagupan Line has 34 locomotives, 76 passenger cars, 16 baggage cars and 537 freight cars.  Passenger cars uses Vacuum Brakes and Hand Brakes for the freight cars. Steam locos varies from British to American.

Station List

Station Name Distance Code Location Opening Date
Manila 0.0 MA / TU Tondo, Manila March 24, 1891
Caloocan 5.22 CN Caloocan City, Metro Manila March 24, 1891
Acacia ACA Acacia, Malabon City, Metro Manila
Polo 11.55 VAL / PO Valenzeuala City, Metro Manila March 24, 1891
Meycauayan 15.01 MY Meycauayan City, Bulacan March 24, 1891
ITM ITM Marilao, Bulacan
Marilao 18.12 MR Saog, Marilao, Bulacan March 24, 1891
Bocaue 22.46 BO Bocaue, Bulacan March 24, 1891
Taal TAAL Taal, Bocaue, Bulacan
Balagtas 26.43 TAS Balagtas, Bulacan March 24, 1891
Guiguinto 29.11 GG Cruz, Guiguinto, Bulacan March 24, 1891
Tabang Tabang, Guiguinto 1929
Santa Isabel 33.62 YS Santa Isabel, Malolos
Dakila DK Dakila, Malolos 1929
Malolos 37.14 ML Malolos City, Bulacan March 24, 1891
Longos OS Longos, Calumpit
San Marcos 42.98 MO San Marcos, Calumpit 1929
Bagbag BBG Iba Este, Calumpit March 24, 1891
Calumpit 45.96 CT Calumpit, Bulacan February 23, 1892
Calumpit Norte Gatbuca, Calumpit February 23, 1892
Sulipan SLP Sulipan, Apalit
Apalit 49.69 AP Apalit, Pampanga February 23, 1892
Macaluc 52.40 MC Minalin, Pampanga
Santo Tomas 58.39 STP Santo Tomas, Pampanga February 23, 1892
San Fernando 61.61 SFP San Fernando City, Pampanga February 23, 1892
Calulut 69.83 CU Calulut, San Fernando City February 23, 1892
Tablante 73.75 Baliti, San Fernando City 1924
Angeles 78.44 AG Angeles City, Pampanga February 23, 1892
Balibago CKP Balibago, Angeles City
Dau 82.81 DU Dau, Mabalacat City November 11, 1902
Mabalacat 87.10 MB Mabalacat City, Pampanga February 23, 1892
Bamban 93.62 BN Bamban, Tarlac June 1, 1892
Capas 102.34 CA Capas, Tarlac June 1, 1892
Talaga Talaga, Capas
Murcia 109.91 MU San Agustin, Concepcion, Tarlac June 1, 1892
San Miguel 112.33 SM San Miguel, Tarlac City, Tarlac 1929
Tarlac 119.43 TR Tarlac City, Tarlac June 1, 1892
Dalayap 123.20 YAP Dalayap, Tarlac
Parsolingan 126.12 LIN Parsolingan, Gerona 1929
Amacalan Amacalan, Gerona
Gerona 131.79 GA Gerona, Tarlac November 24, 1892
Paniqui 139.52 PI Paniqui, Tarlac November 24, 1892
San Julian 144.3 San Julian, Moncada August 9, 1926
Moncada 146.78 MD Moncada, Tarlac November 24, 1892
Poponto 152.36 PP Poponto, Bautista
Bautista 161.61 BT Bautista, Pangasinan November 24, 1892
Bayambang 163.39 BB Bayambang, Pangasinan November 24, 1892
Quesada 168.70 QUE Nalsian Norte, Malasiqui
Don Pedro 171.27 PRO Don Pedro, Malasiqui
Polong PLN Polong, Malaiqui 1939
Malasiqui 175.96 MQ Malasiqui, Pangasinan November 24, 1892
San Carlos 182.03 SC San Carlos, Pangasinan November 24, 1892
Buenlag 188.77 Buenlag, Calasiao
Calasiao 191.85 CA Calasiao, Pangasinan November 24, 1892
Dagupan 2nd DG Mayombo, Dagupan 1935
Dagupan 195.60 DG Dagupan City, Pangasinan November 24, 1892
Maasin P. Maasin, Mangaldan 1939
Mangaldan 202.68 MN Mangaldan, Pangasinan January 11, 1908
Patalan Patalan, San Fabian 1939
San Fabian 207.58 FA San Fabian, Pangasinan January 11, 1908
Sapdaan Sapdaan, San Fabian 1939
Alacan 212.85 AC Alacan, San Fabian July 5, 1908
Rabon 218.07 RN Rabon, San Fabian July 5, 1908
Bani 219.6 Bani, Rosario June 30, 1926
Damortis 221.10 DM Damortis, Rosario, La Union 1938
Old Damortis 222.20 DOS Damortis, Rosario, La Union November 14, 1908
Cupang 224.85 Cupang, Santo Tomas November 14, 1908
Santo Tomas U 227.71 STU Santo Tomas, La Union November 14, 1908
Agoo 231.96 GO Agoo, La Union December 4, 1908
Paraton 235.92 San Pedro, Aringay
San Eugenio San Eugenio, Aringay
South Aringay Santa Rita West, Aringay July 26, 1909
Aringay 240.66 Aringay, La Union
Caba 244.61 Cava, La Union October 14, 1912
Urayong Urayong, Caba
Santiago 250.52 Santiago, Bauang October 14, 1912
Calumbaya 253.62 Calumbaya, Bauang October 14, 1912
Bauang Bauang, La Union January 16, 1929
Romas Paringao, Bauang, La Union 1931
Sevilla Sevilla, San Fernando City May 16, 1929
San Fernando U 265.4 SFU San Fernando City, La Union May 16, 1929

During the construction of the Rio Grande de Pampanga Bridge until 1894, a temporary station; Calumpit Norte was erected to provide connection with raft ferry services at the northern end of the bridge.

South Aringay was the temporary terminus during the construction of the Naguilian River Bridge, unlike Bagbag, South Aringay Sta. was not retained.

Bacnotan Line

The Bacnotan Line, which was opened in 1955, acts as a branch line rather than a extension of the Manila-San Fernando, most services were freight, serving the Cebu Portland Cement Company. Passenger services still ends at San Fernando U. The alignment of the Japanese-Era Sudipen extension was used, save for the first 3.9 kilometers from Sevilla Junction of the Main Line North to Brgy. Biday, San Fernando.

Station Distance Code Location Opened
New San Fernando U. 265.73 San Fernando, La Union January 25, 1955
San Juan San Juan, La Union

The tracks beyond Bacnotan station continues up to the compound of the Cebu Portland Cement at KM 283.05.

Sudipen and Tagudin Extensions

The line was extended for 41.6 kilometers to Sudipen, La Union and Tagudin, Ilocos Sur in 1943 during the Japanese Occupation to handle copper ore from the Lepanto Mines in Mankayan, Benguet, a road connects the line from Mankayan to Tagudin via Cervantes, Ilocos Sur.


  • The section of the then Manila-Dagupan Line from Bagbag to Mabalacat was completed on February 2, 1892 just in time for the Mabalacat Town Fiesta, services from Manila to Mabalacat with raft ferry connections between Calumpit  Town Proper and the barrio of Gatbuca (Calumpit Norte).
  • Some sources claim that the Manila-Dagupan Line started in 1894.
    • It was because the train "Alfonso XIII" from Manila during the inauguration of the line 1892 did not reach Dagupan yet due to the ongoing construction of the Rio Grande de Pampanga Bridge.
  • The original San Fernando U station building has the same architectural structure with those in Bauang, College and Yawe.
  • Bautista station was originally named Bayambang Mercancias or Bayambang M. (Bayambang Freight) until 1900, when it was separated from the municipality of Bayambang.
  • With the exception of the one daily Local train between Manila and San Fernando U, Local trains only stops at flag stations whether there are any passengers.
    • A Local from Manila to San Fernando U and vice versa takes 8 hours and 39 minutes, leaving Manila at 9:30 am and arriving at San Fernando U at 6:09 pm.
  • The section between Caloocan and Balagtas (Bigaa) was planned to be double tracked in 1929 but it was not implemented.
  • Amacalan, San Julian and Romas were not present in a 1939 timetable.
    • San Julian disappeared since 1937.
  • New stopovers were added during the early 60s up to 1980 at various locations although its unknown if any of these have platforms or station buildings erected, these are:
    • ITM, Taal, Tubectubang, A. Diaz, Sapang, Coliling, Doyong & Cadael.
    • Coliling was not included in PNR's Centennial Book.



  • First Class = 0.03
  • Second Class = 0.02
  • Third Class = 0.01

The fares of tickets from origin to destination (MRR Era).

San Fabian

  • Maasin =  0.09
  • Sapdaan = ₱ 0.05
  • Caba = ₱ 0.87
  • Bauang = ₱ 0.81 (Return)

Spanish-Era Station Buildings

  • Out of the twenty-nine stations built during the Spanish Colonial Era
  • Fourteen were original station buildings
  • Polo, Malolos, Calumpit, Angeles, Mabalacat, Tarlac, Gerona and Moncada were reconstructed after sustaining damages from previous wars.
    • Polo and Mabalacat were entirely destroyed during the Philippine-American Revolution, the upper level of Bocaue station was damaged on the same war, though the brick wall were retained until it was demolished in 2006/2007 for the Northrail Project.
    • Polo was rebuilt during the term of General Manager Pete Prado due to its historical role as the headquarters of General Antonio Luna.