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The Metro Manila Rail Commuter, also known as the Metro Manila Commuter Service, was a program implemened during the time of General Manager Col. Nicanor Jimenez during the administration of Ferdinand Marcos.
Metro Manila


  • Tutuban - San Pedro : Inaugurated on November 30, 1972
  • Tutuban - San Fernando - Angeles
  • Tutuban - Calamba - College
  • Caloocan - Tutuban - Carmona
  • Tutuban - Hulo (inaugurated in July 1973)
  • Tutuban - Guadalupe (inaugurated on November 24, 1974)

The commuter service between Tutuban and San Fernando started on January 21, 1967.

The commuter service between Tutuban and Hulo has been in operation since May 26, 1949.


A similar service, the Metrotren, was launched in December 14, 1989 as part of the Metroplex Program which unifies public transport in Metro Manila.

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