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Taft is a station on the MRT 3 line and is the end station of MRT 3.

A MRT 3 before entering Taft Avenue


August 13 2014 - A MRT 3 hits a buffer stop at Taft Avenue and ran onto the concrete barriers and injuried 34 people.

Fictional Incidents

2020 April 17 - A MRT 3 Class 3000 hit my brother Raziel Sean Reyes and got killed,I was nearly injuried.

2012 October 11 - A MRT 3 Class 3000 derailed at a tunnel after leaving Taft Avenue, resulting shredding and cutting the buffers and the road.

2014 September 13 - A northbound MRT 3 got switched onto the switch onto the Under Construction North Avenue Station and fell onto the road, crushing a Cubao line bus down the trestling viaduct then down the road and crashed down, crushing a Jollibee delivery motorcycle.

1997 April 14 - A MRT 3 crashed off the buffer at Taft and crashed into a house built in the concrete barriers, killing 16 and injuring 26.

Fictional Movies with Incidents

Home Along da Riles 3 (2018) - A Class 3000 derailed on Parksville Station and it hit a train stopped on the depot at the house.

Pinatubo Rail Line (2019) - A Class 3000 hits a Pinatubo Plane down the rails and jumps and derails a LRT-1 with the station line of Doroteo Jose.

Fictional Novels with Incidents

Rocket Adventure (2005) - A Zathura Black Line rocket from USA broke and destroyed the viaduct of the LRT 1 and rushed to Taft Avenue (I saw it when i was going to Caloocan in real life) and destroyed the Taft Tunnel that leads to the buffer stop that was hit since 2014 August 13,blocking LRT-1 and MRT-3 from crossing.


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